Pavarotti & Brownies

Call me corny but there is something truly uplifting about chocolate brownies and Pavarotti. Actually, I’m baking the brownies as I type this with a careful watch on the ancient gas oven here. The brownies are to go with a special wine called Sangue di Giuda. It’s a sweet wine and literally translates to the Blood of Jesus. The only difficult part now is waiting for the brownies to cook before indulging in the wine.

Last year, my best friend visited from California. She stayed for a month and I think she needed the vacation as much as I needed her to be here. One warm Spring evening we ate an entire chocolate cake and bottle of Sangue di Giuda. We sat up until 3 a.m. chatting like only friends of 30 years can. The next day she said she couldn’t sleep a wink all night. I laughed and said we obviously had too much chocolate cake and not enough wine!

I can’t believe that a year has already passed since her stay here. The smell of chocolate brownies is making me miss her something awful and if I had the money in my bank account I would have already gone online to get her a flight over.

I know that I am a high maintenance chick with raging hormonal imbalances at 44, as I am sure is quite evident with the up and down rides in my blog posts. Only a few hours ago I was still raging about being held captive against my will and now I am baking brownies and listening to Pavarotti. What can I say?

I’m a survivor at heart and as much as I willed myself to stay in bed and mope under the covers I was just not brought up that way. Instead of fighting to get up, I was fighting to stay in bed longer and wallow a bit more in my self-indulgent pity party. But my stubborn Russian heritage (thanks dad), has born into me a will that just won’t take life lying down.

Strangely, the Pavarotti is having a bit of an effect on my mood and I haven’t even started in on the brownies and wine yet. Be here or be there, wherever you are, you are really only in your own head.


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5 Responses to Pavarotti & Brownies

  1. Carrie says:

    Coraggio! For me, it’s driving and Jovanotti. Changes my outlook every single time.

  2. Jovanotti? I will have to explore this one…as for driving, yes, sometimes that works, but usually in Canada where the roads are flat and wide! Here there is too much concentration required and I am liable to do a Grace Kelly if I am not fully alert to all the fast cars taking hairpin turns at 90 km and zipping scooters!

  3. Carrie says:

    Oh, I agree about driving here! The combination worked better when I 1)owned a car and 2) lived in Montana and needed only minimal concentration!

    Jovanotti is marvelous…but Italians have been listening to his songs be overplayed on the radio for years and either love him or hate him. I recommend starting with ‘Fango.’ Not a driving song but beautiful…

    then try this…

  4. Carrie says:

    Yikes. That embedded. Not sure how.

  5. Imani says:

    Isn’t Giuda Judas? I thought Gesu` was Jesus.

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