Me, Wii and the Spa

Why oh why did I eat so many of those fried little balls with sugar on them for Easter? I’ll tell you why, because they tasted better than donuts and they were still hot when you popped the little suckers into your mouth, that’s why! These little “Fritelli di Guido” or Guiseppe or some Italian Saint that I can’t remember, are a specialty for Pasqua. In fact, I don’t even know if they were named after a Saint, but bless his heart, he must have been for inventing these yummy tidbits.

But now, in a few days time, we are going to a spa for the weekend. Yeah! I’m very happy about this because I just spent the better part of last week Spring cleaning the house and nearly threw my back out trying to move a coffee table that was so heavy I thought maybe it was bolted to the marble floor!

But, the downside of course is that I ate so many of those little Guido donuts that now I feel like a Guido donut before it was cooked. I’m all pasty, gooey, white and round! And, the worst is that we are going to the spa “terme” with another couple.  He is 40, his girlfriend is 25….life can be so cruel sometimes!

And as for my Wii, well, I’ve been a bit busy since my husband came home and so I am pretty sure the next time I turn it on it will also give me attitude somewhat like my cat has been lately for blatantly being ignored.

Italian’s seem to have a special food for every occassion. Let’s hope that the Spa’s specialty is trick mirrors, magic massages and Prosecco served poolside. This way I will be magically tricked, relaxed and too drunk to care about the extra donuts I ate.


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