Who’s laughing now?

Why is it warmer in Canada than Italy? My first few visits to Genova in the winter were like a dream! I had just spent 8 years in the Caribbean and had become quite spoiled with avoiding cold weather altogether. So, when I spent a mild winter in Italy I was impressed. I thought, this is not so bad, I kind of like the cooler temperature without all that snow.

Boy, was I fooled! I moved here 2 years ago and they have been on record the worst winters in years! Last year it rained everyday for 5 months and this year the temperatures dropped to lower than average numbers.

Now, as revenge from all my friends and family in Canada, they are sending emails bragging about the 27C days in Canada while I peer out the window at gun metal grey skies and throw on a winter coat!

Genova actually has the oldest population in all of Italy. I often wonder how these old folks manage to survive in this damp cold. Perhaps they are conditioned to it by now. I know my dad would not last a day here in winter. His arthritis is so bad he escapes to Florida every winter and even then it’s still not warm or dry enough for him.

My husband cannot say much because he also gets to escape back to the sunny sea in the Caribbean. I’m sure he enjoys this short break and doesn’t care all that much if it is cold, damp and grey. For him it is a nice change of scenery.

So, the obvious question now is do I continue to stay here and hope that the weather will improve next winter/spring, or do I go back to freezing Canadian winters with warm houses and central heating? I’m sure as my family read this post they are laughing at me…but at least we have better wine here, so who’s really laughing now?


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2 Responses to Who’s laughing now?

  1. Sabina says:

    Ah, ah, darling…you are really unlucky! I do not remember an April like this here in Genoa… It’s a bit strange to me too! I suppose we will have a spring for a week, and then, it will be suddenly summer…you’ll see!
    Hugs, Sabina

  2. Sharon Bellows says:

    I know how the old people there survive the cold damp winters VINO!!!! You have the best!! Of course we had a great winter….but you know it won’t last! My vote? I would stay there ….. (can I come and move in with you and your Mother In Law…lol)

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