Towel please!

I can’t believe half the school year has already passed and my students are still confused between a towel and a comb. Tawolllll, taaaawollllll, yeah, that’s right that thing you use after a bath! You DO take baths right? Why is it taking 7 months to get two words right? Perhaps because bathing is not fun for 7 year olds therefore remembering such words are hardly considered important.

Ice-cream, hotdogs and toilet, now these are words that stick. I remember when I studied mandatory French back in Canada; if you didn’t know the French word for toilet then you simply weren’t allowed to go! Strong bladders were built in that class.

Being a teacher has got to be the best form of revenge for being a horrible student. I had a good chuckle one night when my boss and I decided to take a belly dance class together. She was actually scolded by the dance teacher because she was chewing gum. Normally you don’t speak while gyrating unnaturally to sitar music, so I can only assume that she was not chewing and dancing in sync.

Whenever I attempt to speak Italian my students have a hearty giggle at my expense. I don’t really mind because they appreciate the fact that I am on even territory with them in the language department. I sympathize with their plight because I too must sit in a classroom and listen to some teacher drone on about towels and combs. The only difference is that I need to know these things to survive here and I actually like taking baths. I’m sure my students can’t yet see the true value in learning English, just like I couldn’t when I was forced to study French.

Sadly, I was a horrible student and never did grasp French beyond the very basics. What possible reason did I ever have to want to live in Quebec anyways? What I have retained has assisted me with learning Italian because they are both Latin based languages, but if I had paid more attention I would have noticed the world outside of French speaking Canada too. Luckily, my short-sightedness did not follow me into my adult life. (Ironically, I actually did end up living in Quebec as an adult because of a French boyfriend)

Next week I will return to school and drill more vocabulary into the little tike’s heads. The bonus of course is that I too am increasing my own Italian vocabulary…who knew that Zanzara was a mosquito! Now is that Zan-zar-rah, or Zanza-rah? Oh Dio, I’ve also got a long way to go.


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3 Responses to Towel please!

  1. LOL

    Unless there is an accent on the vowel at the end of the word the stress is on the first syllable.

    I think.

    So it is ZAN zar rah

    Or where I live in Lomellina…

    Flobbing millions of ZAN zar re

    Whereas, my surname is Fontó

    So you say fon TOH, but you sort of don’t really say the H, just a bit.


    I really should be able to say my own name properly by now.

  2. Clelia says:

    You will be fine with Italian , When I arrived in london for the first time was horrible i couldn’t speak a word and now after a while…. i am fluent… be patient…

    Your pupils are really naughty!

    Clelia from London (born in Rome :))))

  3. Shelley says:

    o.k. here goes
    Il fail fraud
    Il fait tres fraud
    Es’que je per allez ou toilet sil vous plait!!!!! Yeah, grade 4 thru 9 and what ever happened to Pierre and Marie Claire anyway????? God I hated them and the fat french teacher who used to sit on the top of the desk if your hands were in it and if you were caught chewing gum, you had to roll it up and stick it on the end of your nose!!!!! Torture, poor torture!!!! Who dies that to a kid??? That is why my dearest Leah, we all learn the nasty bad words first!

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