Today I had the pleasure of my first Mammogram. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t help but think that  a Mammogram sounds a bit too much like a Telegram and I am still waiting for my boobs to transmit some sort of message to me now in morose code.

What they are really saying to me though is stop making that short Italian guy squish me in that horrid machine! As I was standing half-naked and 2 feet above the male technician I couldn’t help but wonder if 50 years from now this dreadful machine will end up in some museum and labelled as “Female booby torture mechanism, designed by men”.

It reminded me of blood letting…you know, when doctors from past centuries believed that draining your blood would cure you of your disease. Ladies, listen up! Do you honestly think that men would agree to squashing their testicles once a year in the same way?

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3 Responses to Ouch!

  1. Esther says:

    Here, in the States, the breast imaging centers are removed from the rest of the x-ray department and sometimes even in a different building. There would never be a thought of a male x-ray tech. Of course, here the hospitals are in the business to make money and the competition is stiff. Women wouldn’t go back if there wasn’t privacy, etc. That is the difference in socialized medicine.

    • Yes, well they are still very much stuck in the 1950’s here. Even the door was not closed properly!
      But I expected as much anyways. My exposure to the medical facilities here so far have made me pray that I never get sick!
      If I did, I would seriously consider going back to Canada. FYI, I had to pay 36 Euro for the pleasure…

  2. Enrico says:

    Different approaches but so far, for me and my wife was MUCH better here in Italy than Canada. On Canadian helth system i have A LOT to say… my wife had a little problem and here in bologna was handled WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than in Toronto.

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