Dude where’s my purse?

Okay, what is it about Italian men and red pants???

Need I say more…


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4 Responses to Dude where’s my purse?

  1. riccardo says:

    Worn by 20/30/40 years old people not teen agers

    Personally, I don’t wear them and find them ridicoulous but it seems that only rich people buy them. I think from Jackerson brand, very expensive and, as you know in Italy, Brand is important.If you cannot afford it you are out !!!

  2. Kaz says:

    Hehe. How about red speedos? Or, perhaps even worse, white speedos!

  3. riccardo says:

    Never thought about red ones. I will pay attention in the future. White ones it’s like underwear !! Agree with you. In many swimming pools men are allowed to go only with speedos especially in France. And how about men in tanga on the beaches ???

  4. I know a few guys that rock a speedo, and if they have the body for it, well I say go for it. But, not at my dad’s back yard pool, ya know? But on a tropical beach, sure : )
    But I am still down on the red pants thing, they just look stupid. I keep expecting big clown shoes and a red nose to match. Just like I hate those harem pants that women are wearing these days, they look like you have a pantload that needs emptying from behind. How can someone look in the mirror and think these are flattering? Comfy, probably, but so are my pjamas and I don’t wear them outside…

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