The Siren and the Sailor

My husband has finally arrived home after being fogged in for an extra day. Such as the life of travelling, you can never predict the weather or how it may alter your plans. Anyways, he’s here now and we are suitably stuffing him with the comforts of home.

Wedded bliss and Stelle the cat:
There is always a period of adjustment for us both, because oddly enough, we both forget what it’s like to be married. For the last 4 days we have been doing a sort of chicken dance to get used to each other again. The cat is incredibly jealous and the poor little fluff ball is desperately wanting to know why this very large, snoring cat is occupying her half of the bed?

I have to side with the cat a bit here only because my husband is usually a very quiet sleeper, and his snoring is minimal. But for some reason this has changed and he has been sawing some very large logs and keeping me and the cat awake half the night. Bless his heart, I hope it’s just jet lag and that this habit will stop soon because the cat has already ripped out half her fur in frustration and I’m afraid I may have resorted to a few midnight elbow jabs myself to get him to roll over.

Wedded bliss and reality:
We both need to enroll in “marriage boot camp” just to familiarize ourselves with the day-to-day functions of married life. It’s not quite the same when I am on board the ship with him because there is no food shopping or meals to prepare and no housework. The only household duty is our personal laundry…even his uniforms are sent to the Chinese laundry mafia in the bowels of the ship (maybe going back to living on the ship is not such a bad idea after all?).

Wedded bliss and Mama:
So, as we meander, stumble, and roll through this acquaintance phase, Mama has made herself somewhat invisible and we are actively planning a romantic getaway to Lago Maggiore. We’ve settled on Stresa by train and are checking out some dates and hotels. I’ve found some hopeful contenders for accommodations but welcome reader’s suggestions too.

Wedded bliss and the ‘talk’:
We’ve already had some opportunity to talk about the current state of affairs and both agree that 8 days in 4 months is not enough. But there is no hurry to rush things, we have 8 weeks to unfold some possibilities and take it from there. In the meantime, let’s break open a nice bottle of wine and discuss that boot camp…

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3 Responses to The Siren and the Sailor

  1. “Mama has made herself somewhat invisible”


  2. sabina says:

    Mama has made herself somewhat invisible…yes, that’s great!!But beware of the cat…poor Stelle, she’s jealous! hugs Leah, have a nice trip to lago Maggiore…

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