Can I reverse this scene and have someone wait for me for a change? I’m not the sit at home and wait for the phone to ring kinda girl. I just sit around and do my own thing…so yes, it must be love!

But first, let me point out something that is incredibly frustrating. I have been hanging out all winter, most Friday and Saturday nights alone with the cat. I’ll admit, I am a bit of a hermit, especially when the weather is horrible, but why is it that I can count on one hand the number of invitations I have received in the last 4 months? And I’m not talking about invitations from men that are just waiting for my resolve to crumble either, I am talking about invitations to parties and group activities.

Last night my phone rang, a casual friend (I say casual because we talk about getting together but it never seems to happen…you know, call me we’ll do lunch in LA sorta thing) asked if I wanted to join a group for a house party/dinner. Geez, are you short on your female count at the table? Of course I had to say no because my husband is coming in Saturday night.

Why is it that when I am finally included in something that actually sounds like fun am I suddenly on a schedule that is conflicting with my heart? Sure, I could include my husband, but after 30 hours on planes I hardly think he is up for meeting new people and parties. On the other hand, I am a bit slighted that it took 4 months for someone to call me too. Am I that boring? Is it that I am not trying hard enough to meet new people? Is it that I am married therefore branded as undesirable? Or is it that most of the time I actually prefer the company of my cat to people and although I don’t say this out loud (oops, I just did didn’t I?), perhaps it’s written all over my face?

I’m not even going to say that this is an Italian thing either, because it happens all over the world. I guess I was never the life of the party and therefore not a mandatory guest…like, “oh we HAVE to invite Leah, she is soooo much fun at parties!” I remember once I was hanging out in the crew bar on the ship,(it is quite normal to do this alone on ships), and a guy came up and started chatting with me. He asked me if I was single and when I said no he promptly walked away! How rude! All I could think was what a jerk! I am a human being first and married second, thankyouverymuch!

I just read recently about the super model Linda Evangelista. I was curious because we actually went to highschool together in Canada. I read that although she walks the catwalk and is über famous that she is incredibly shy. I actually remember her being quite tall and shy. Her locker was next to mine and we barely exchanged 20 words the entire semester. She said she always felt awkward in social settings. It amazes me that she became so incredibly successful without really “working her magic” at parties and such. It just goes to show you that you can still be incredibly special and talented without having to always tout your own horn to the rest of the world.


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4 Responses to Waiting…Ugh!

  1. sabina says:

    Oh, darling..you know what it is? It’s not you, you are not boring or someting else. THe fact is that you live in Genoa, dear. And even if it is my birthplace, a city I love and you know it…it’s quite difficult ..to go to parties, meeting new interesting people. It’s just the place, I’m used to it and I’m sure about it.
    Hugs Leah

  2. Meagan says:

    I’m in the same boat here in my new home 😦 Thank god for my dogs or I’d surely be talking to the walls and well thats no good at all!! If we were closer we’d have fantastic dinner parties. Keep your chin up, the Husband is coming home and naturally that will take the edge off fri/sat dinner plans 😀

  3. Siera says:

    This phenomenon is everywhere m’dear. I’m a fellow Canadian living in a small town on the West Coast of British Columbia. I’m in my 40’s and definitely not into hanging out at bars and so on. However, I find it very hard to meet people here and basically live a very hermit-like existence. So, I can only imagine being in another country with a different language and set of customs. If it helps, I too, prefer to spend time with animal friends over the human variety. I really don’t know what the deal is – I consider myself fairly vibrant and witty, plus, I have excellent hygiene habits. Maybe, I should go hit the bar in a shiny gold dress, mind you, that may not go over big in the land of baseball caps and plaid shirts. 🙂
    Love your blog!

    • Misha, thanks for your comment. Yes, at least in Italy the men have not adopted the Canadian style of dressing! Although, track pants do seem to be a favourite choice amongst some here.

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