Foggy dreams and foggy fashions

So what’s 1 more day? Well, it seems that 1 more day, maybe even 2 will be added to my long wait for my husband. There is dense fog where he is and they cannot dock the ship in port because frankly they can’t see it! Alrighty then…next topic?

Oh yeah, fashion. Another inspiring moment. Today I went to a very nice Law office to do an English lesson. Even though Milan is only a stone’s throw from Genova, and even though Italy is known as the fashion Mecca around the globe, and even though today it was near freezing outside…I must point out that the 30-something receptionist deemed it appropriate to wear a faded denim mini skirt with tights, high heel boots and a sweater (jumper for my Brit friends).

So what’s THAT all about???

I’m Canadian, and I was covered from head to toe in warm winter clothes and I should think sporting a modest sweater and pants. Where did these Italian women get the idea that denim mini skirts are appropriate for the office? And, who the heck is this guy that hired her? Because honestly, she either has to be sleeping with him or related to him. Even while I worked in a creative advertising office in Toronto, where I was surrounded by artists in funky clothes, I never saw a colleague show such poor judgement.

So what’s the deal ladies? Guys? Am I just getting too old and prudish or do I have a point? (besides the obvious one on top of my head of course…)


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2 Responses to Foggy dreams and foggy fashions

  1. riccardo says:

    Differently from American Countries, no italian employers would complain about this way of dressing except maybe some catholic school or related.In other Europe Countries, believe me you see women without bra and micro skirt
    even in the coldest winter. In Italy, often they encourage them to dress as little as possible but I believe they do not need it to do it if the actual vogue requires mini clothes. Unfortunately, often the sexiest clothes are worn by people that sincerely should hide their body rather than to show it but this is another argument…

    It happened many times with principals trying to impose a decent way of dressing to the students. Personally, I agree with you and at work everybody should wear decent clothes even if not strictly suit and tie . As ancient roman would say . O tempora o mores !!!

  2. I’m all for Elton John’s mantra “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”. I think in some ways women have lost their sex appeal during their battle for equality at work. On the other hand, there is a time and place. I’ve seen some women in Toronto who could rock a 3 peice suit without showing any cleavage, it’s all about good taste and class. And I agree, most of the people that wear these clothes probably shouldn’t be!

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