Are you kidding me?

I recently had a friend tell me that he knew a woman who was actively searching for an Italian husband. Clearly she was a bit misguided or maybe she had delusions of unlimited wine and pasta in her future. Either way, I can’t imagine ever seeking out a guy soley based on his country. In fact, if I was, I truly think Italy would not be the top of my list. No offence to my Italian male readers, but you guys have got some serious strikes against you when it comes to relationships and women.

I kind of stumbled on my Italian husband and to be honest, his “Italian-ness” is what almost didn’t make the union reach the altar. Now that I have married him, I am more or less stuck with him, and I have never had grand illusions of being able to change him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t drive men nuts at times.

If I was a bit more astute, I probably would have paid more attention to my sister’s relationship with her Italian husband (yes, it runs in the family…I’ve no clue as to why). You see, he could also challenge her sanity at the best of times, but I thought that it was just “him”. Sometimes I think that if I had dated more than” my” Italian I would have realized how truly frustrating these men can be. But NO, I had to marry the only one I have ever dated.

I don’t know how he manages to do it, but in less than eight hours I can conjure up at least six different states of mind as a result of some conversation, or better yet, misunderstanding we’ve had. I toggle between a state of confusion and exhaustion, but perhaps that’s his intent…just wear me down and eventually I will give in to his will. I wonder if that is how we ended up married in the first place…perhaps he just wore me down until I finally said yes! What is it about my husband that I love so dearly that I am willing to torture myself on a regular basis for? When I find the answer I will let you know.

I’ve heard some outrageous things about Italian men since moving here and personally, I think every Italian guy should come with a warning label. “Beware! Becomes clingy when ignored, whiny when there’s traffic and will ignore you as soon as you pay any attention to him”. Perhaps I should call this gal up and give her a talking to and try to snap some sense into her!

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12 Responses to Are you kidding me?

  1. Meagan says:

    “…perhaps that’s his intent…just wear me down and eventually I will give in to his will.” I’m still laughing over this post. I truly miss all my male Italian friends but everything you said is dead on and you didn’t even touch on the “Mamma Issues”.

  2. Kaz says:

    Gosh, I’ve experienced the same thing, but I also thought it was just the one guy – I didn’t realise it might be a widespread Italian male phenomenon!

    Maybe this woman is looking for an Italian man so that she can immigrate to or stay legally in Italy. Or maybe it’s because Italian men are stereotypically known as great Latin lovers. Chissà?

    Out of curiousity, if you were ever seeking out a guy based solely on his country, what countries would be on your list? 😉 (Btw, I’m hoping your husband doesn’t read your blog!)

    • Hi Kaz, my husband has read my blog once…but he already knows that I think he is a pain in the neck, somehow I think he is secretly proud that he has that affect on me! As for chossing a man for his country, boy that’s a loaded question isn’t it? I’ve dated an Aussie, an East Indian, a Brit, a Jamaican, a Greek, Italian, American and Canadian of course and a Swiss-Canadian (just to mention a few, haha). I would have to say that the Greek was the worst, although the Brit guy runs a close second and the best was the Swiss-Canadian. He wasn’t in Canada long enough to be brainwashed by hockey and beer and he was raised in Switzerland so he spoke 3 langauges and had an appreciation for art, culture and chocolate! Why? Are you looking??? (btw-the gal mentioned is British so no need to marry an Italian to live in the Belle Paese)

  3. ourprivateblog says:

    I swapped an Italian for a Canadian!! and I am doing my best to make sure some of his Canadianness (??) rubs off on my 2 Italian teenage sons!! (and so far so good!)

  4. Ahhh, good plan with the Canadian guy! I am a bit biased but I know some great Canadian guys and my brother is at the top of the list as far as being a decent guy (but you better like the outdoors, fishing and venison!) : )

  5. I am the united nation version of an youth mainly spent in bed with highly unsuitable men/boys from all far flung corners of the globe.

    Tell her to pick somebody who makes her laugh because that will be the only thing that stops her from killing him as he spends the next few decades driving her up the wall, no matter where he comes from.

    They are be-penised first and a nationality a very far second, the (evil) penis influence, in terms of general annoyingness, wins hands down.

    I’m almost tempted to vaccinate her from this insane “marry based on nationality” plan by sending her my MIL for a week.

    She does know that “mia mamma” comes as a full time part of the package, doesn’t she ?

  6. joliecoeur says:

    I am so glad to have found your blog ! I am married to a Swiss, he doesn’t speak 3 languages but I agree about the art, culture and chocolates part. We recently moved to near Padova (after 10 years in New York) and the whole experience has been over whelming to say the least !

  7. Enrico says:

    I was born and raised in Italy (Genova) but i lived all my adult life in Canada. Last year i moved back to Italy (near Ferrara) with my wife (italian too) and kid. I have to say that i am noticing a continue “cry” about the most stupid things from my fellow italians… They cry because the train is dirty (but they trow trash on the floor), they cry because of thir politicians (but they vote for them), they cry because they have no money (but everybody wear Prada), etc etc… In the other way i am worry after your post!! 🙂 i am kind of boring too..

    • Enrico!
      You are so correct, it is frustrating to see so many contradictions here, right down to their Prada underwear indeed! And honestly, the women are not always exempt from this either…
      Boring is GOOD! Keep up the good work, haha. I love and adore my boring husband : )

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