Appliances & Mama

It always amazes me at how small kitchens are in Italy. We literally have counter space of maybe three feet if we’re lucky. The problem is that within that precious 3′, Mama has piled the kitchen appliances to the ceiling! And low and behold, I leave for one night and upon my return there is yet another shiny new gizmo taking up two-thirds of what was left of counter.

Now I can’t get anywhere near the juicer unless I disassemble the blender, climb over the food processor and unplug the toaster. This new machine is very large and apparently does “everything”, so my question is this: “Why the heck is all this other crap still on the counter than?” And so far, I have not seen the slots for bread, so if it doesn’t make toast, well, I am just not all that interested in it.

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not exactly a gourmet chef. But to be honest, I really like that old-fashioned pestle and mortar thingy. It makes great pesto and you don’t get huge chunks of garlic like you do if you use the food processor. So I guess maybe I was just born in the wrong era…although I’m not sure how well I would survive without indoor plumbing and toasters : )


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2 Responses to Appliances & Mama

  1. It isn’t one of those horrible combi electric ovens is it ?

  2. I’m not sure what it is but I’m pretty sure that it will cause the power to go out!

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