Gelato is the answer to all problems

Just recently my sister-in-law made the comment that “I only eat to live”. Clearly, I was thinking she has never seen me devour a bowl of gelato, although, perhaps that “live” part she was referring to also included “eating to keep sane”. After all, we all have our “comfort foods” and I guess while living in Italy, gelato has become mine.

For the record, I have at least 8 recipes in my files (mostly for sweets), and I own a copy of Ruth Reichl’s book “Garlic and Sapphires”. I would have to say that I am more picky when I eat, but that I definitely enjoy good food. Which brings me to a new Gelateria I discovered yesterday, “Danilo & Diego” (010 6507 547), in Sestri Ponente, on a pedestrian only street called Via Sestri…walk all the way to the end and viola, there it is!


It started off as another day that I was yet again passed over for an appointment with a friend. I took the early train for our meeting but in true Italian style, I had forgotten that these plans were made a few days ago and that it was up to me to confirm them on the day before setting out. I have still not become used to this way of thinking because in my North American brain, you make plans and you stick to them. You only call if there is a problem, otherwise both parties show up.

But not all was lost because I had the most delicious bowl of chocolate gelato with fresh whipped cream and was momentarily transported to heaven. As for the friend…well, his loss, not mine.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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