Rapallo, trains and my mirror self

They (random people I guess) say that if there is something that bothers you about another person, to look in the mirror because these are the traits we hate the most about ourselves. Why do “they” always have to be right? See? I did it again! I ALWAYS have to be right.

I recently got annoyed because someone I am trying to help didn’t sweat out the details. But after my episode at the train station yesterday, I realized that it annoys me because I have the same fault. It’s not that I am irresponsible, but sometimes time just runs away from me and I find myself running out the door in a panic to catch a train.

I underestimated the bus ride to the station and also the fact that I would have to change buses  too.  My friend “Jersey Girl” was meeting me at the station in Rapallo and if I missed it she would have to wait another 30 minutes. I arrived at the train station at 11:45 – my train was at 12:07. But instead of reading all the information on the automatic ticket machines I just started inserting coins into the first machine I saw and Viola, I had a ticket.

But, not so fast…I remembered that the website said the ticket would be 1.90 Euro, so why was my ticket only 1.20 Euro? Oh crap! I bought a regional ticket and I am going out-of-town. Okay, I still have 17 minutes to sort this out. The machine next to it said Trenitalia, okay, this is good. I dig out more coins and start rapidly pushing buttons…my train is going to arrive very soon and I am not on the platform and I don’t have a proper ticket. I put 2 Euro in and press okay, nothing happens…I press more buttons and it asks for money? WTF? So, I stupidly put in another 2 Euro, still no ticket, GRRRRR!

I see a Tabacchini shop in the corner of the station, I dash over, it’s now 12:04, I grab another 5 Euro from my wallet and in a panic ask for a ticket to Rapallo stat! She’s asking me if I want a return, sure lady, just make it fast. I secure my ticket, stamp it and make it to the platform with 1 minute to spare. Whew! The train ticket to Rapallo, which should have cost 3.80 Euro cost me 9.00 Euro. If I had just spent the first 10 minutes at the station looking around me I would have probably saved myself all the hassles and lost money. (albeit, no one would have known that the Trenitalia machine only ate money!)

Enjoy the photos of Rapallo:


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1 Response to Rapallo, trains and my mirror self

  1. Carrie says:

    So glad to have stumbled here via Pink Italy! I read your comment about the Genovese being cold or closed… and I can relate! The Triestini here are a bit, too. But, I still love it.

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