That’s Life, It gets personal

Last night I got home after watching a belly dancing class. Boy, does it look hard! I’m thinking of taking a beginners class for fun! I am very uncoordinated but maybe this will help me get better at it. One of my students works abroad just like my husband and he suggested I meet his wife because she is also alone often and we are close in age. She hardly speaks any English which is good for me as it forces me to practice, however having a conversation was a bit of a task. She is adorable and sweet and the one who brought me to her class.

I really enjoyed my outing with her because my day didn’t exactly start of all that well. I had to get up super early with Mama to get a Mammogram and instead it turns out that it was an appointment with the GP (General Practitioner). When I am supposed to get the actual mammogram is still a bit of a mystery.

I have been having terrible headaches and am pretty sure I have a sinus infection. These doctors love to write prescriptions but for some reason he wants me to sweat it out over a bowl of hot water and baking soda 3 times a day!

Last week I went to the gynecologist and told him that the birth control pills are helping my mood swings a lot but I am still often short of patience (yeah, see the irony here…I can’t conceive but the doctors all want me to take these damn things to control my hormones…sometimes life just doesn’t make any sense at all). He suggested a Neurologist, but then again, now I’m not sure if I heard him right because I also mentioned that I have to pee a lot and maybe he said urologist : (.

So, I told Mama about the doctors suggestion and yesterday the GP tried to prescribe Xanax! I said whoa, wait a second, what’s going on here? I said I was cranky and wanted to scream or cry sometimes, isn’t that normal for someone who’s living with their Italian mother-in-law???

He gave me 2 boxes of drops called Dropaxin…I haven’t tried it yet, but perhaps I should have. We got home and my sister-in-law’s dog was here and unfortunately he barks  a lot. I have to keep my door closed so he doesn’t try to eat my cat. Not a big deal really, except that the maid was also here – BAD TIMING! The dog tried to bite her instead. She was scared and hid in the kitchen for 2 hours using every chemical cleaner Mama has. Every time she needed something she would ask me to go into Mama’s room to get it because she was terrified of the dog.

So now my head is pounding and I am thinking of drinking this Dropaxin straight out of the bottle! I can’t cook any lunch and I have to take a bath (yep, you guessed it, no HOT WATER) Damn, no wonder I’m cranky!!!! UGH. I packed up my crap and went to a cafe for lunch and then to work. I hadn’t bathed and I didn’t even bother with make-up. It was cold and of course about to rain.

But, there is always a rainbow somewhere in the clouds…I got home at midnight exhausted and took a hot bath. My Valentine’s present from my husband was late and low and behold there beside the bed was a box from Amazon! Could it be true that my husband has finally figured out that I prefer books to perfume? I couldn’t believe it, I almost cried (again see notes above about mood swings and raging hormones). He chose 3 of his favourite books and ordered them for me in English! God how I love this man!!! Just when I start to put him in that lump with the rest of his breed he does something like this and I think okay, I DID pick the right one after all : )

Now the dog is gone, my cat has stopped ripping out her fur and my headache has abated. The bottle of Dropaxin is still next to me unopened. I’ve already had one session of baking soda and hot water head immersion and yes, I still pee a lot! Oh well, I guess that’s life and, it doesn’t get more personal that this.

I think now I’ll go read a good book : )

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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