The 1950’s never ended in Italy

Okay, I’m not THAT OLD, but from what everyone else tells me, Italy is still back in the 1950’s. For the record, I was born in 1966, and I can remember when (in Canada of course)…you used to have to dial a phone number using this round, awkward thingy called a dial and if someone had a lot of zeros in their telephone number, well, sometimes it was easier to just walk over to their house.

I also remember having a “party line”. This is when the phone lines are shared with people near your house. You could easily pick up the line and someone else would be on the phone that didn’t happen to live with you. I’m not sure why we had this sort of line except for maybe our town was too small to accommodate more lines. I can remember my first mobile phone being larger than a brick and that it was strictly used for emergencies.

I recall the good old days when the electricity would go out often if you had too many machines going at once, or when you ran out of hot water whilst in the shower because your brother and sister went before you. And lets not forget the moments when your brother decides to flush the toilet while you have your head full of shampoo and are rinsing your hair only to get either scorched with a blast of hot water or while showering your mom decides to wash the dishes and you get a blast of cold water! Oh yes, those were the good old days!

My nieces and nephews have handy mobile phones, the Internet and gas heating! And some smart guy even invented a fancy gizmo that would control water flow so that getting scorched in the shower is no longer an issue. Now, if you want to play a practical joke on someone you must fill a bucket of cold water and hope that your little sister forgot to lock the bathroom door, haha.

This of course brings me to Italy. It seems to me that none of these inventions have made it across that big pond called the Atlantic Ocean. Only the mobile phones are modern here to the point of annoyance. But the rest has shall we say, remained the same. Mama cooks, the power goes out at least twice. I take a shower, I get scorched at least twice. I want to take a bath, I have to wait 4 hours for the tank to heat up. I want to do electronic banking or pay my bills online…I get an odd stare and a shrug.

Yep! It sure is like 1950 here!


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2 Responses to The 1950’s never ended in Italy

  1. riccardo says:

    I think that it’s typical of the particular region you went living in Italy. Ligurian and people from Genoa in particular, are famous for paying much much attention for spending money !!! I remember not many years ago, you had to put coins in the lifts if you want to take them. Where else in Italy do you see such a thing ?!!!

    Your comments are the same of the rest of the italians talking about ligurians.Spending “Palanche” it’s always a pain in the a… !!!

  2. sabina says:

    Darling, I don’t know if it can be a sort of consolation, but nothing of that kind happens in my house. Maybe we could suppose that it’s a trick of mama?
    She’s just trying to give a thrill to your life, with unexpected and sudden surprises!!! Ah, ah 🙂

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