Adventures with Mama

Today I had to make yet another trip to the doctor’s office with Mama. I had suggested that instead of paying a large sum of money on a taxi, we could park the car near the bus stop and then take the bus into the center. Although Mama is hardly a frail thing of sorts, she is a bit slow on her feet. As we tried to cross the street we saw one bus pass and another stop at the red light. Perfect! I thought surely we could make it across the street and a few feet over to catch the next bus. I encouraged Mama to step up her pace but not to bother straining herself if it was too much trouble. She gingerly increased her speed and just as we arrived at the door behind the others the driver closed the doors in our face!

There’s nothing funnier than seeing a 64-year-old woman, dressed down to her ankles in an over-sized fur coat flipping a two-fingered salute in the air. Boy, was she pissed off. I guess she figured with the extra effort she made to step up her pace, surely the bus driver would have had enough decency to not slam the doors in our face. You would think that with all these old people in Genoa these bus drivers would be used to dames like her. You could hardly miss her, she looked like a giant bear bouncing across the street after a large ball!

And then of course I also got news that we will have yet another “sciopero” (bus strike) on Friday. Don’t these guys realize that in this economy they are lucky to have jobs? I would like to encourage every person in Genoa to buy a carton of eggs on Friday and toss them at every bus and bus driver they see. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take much convincing to get Mama out there…Who else is with me?


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