Little Tidbits…

Random thoughts go through my head…here are a few:

Q.   How many Italian’s does it take to change a light bulb?

A.  Three. The light went out in Mama’s oven. She called a guy, he wanted 50 Euro to change the bulb! No Way!
The story goes, she left for 2 weeks in Tuscany, I called my sister-in-law and recruited the boyfriend to fix it. He was able to remove the glass cover and Viola! Both me and my sister-in-law bought new lightbulbs and the race was on! haha…only took Mama a week of baking to finally notice it fixed, haha.

Q.   Why do I spell “Genoa” with a “v” sometimes?

A.   English language = Genoa, Italian language = Genova, Genovese Dialect = Zena, French language = Genesis…are you as confused as I am now?

Q.   Why did it take 2 years for me to find the best little chocolate shop in Genoa?

A.   Obviously I wasn’t making enough Italian friends! Then came along Sabina : ) My newest Italian friend. She is a gem and is more than willing to show me her “town” from a purely local perspective! We ventured down a narrow pathway in the historical centre (which I would never have gone down alone) and low and behold, down a short alleyway the aroma of chocolate filled my nose with delight. (How I never managed to smell this place out before is a miracle).

This tiny shop was filled with people (of course because today is St. Valentine’s Day), and I discovered the word for Heaven in Italian is Paradiso! Yes, it surely is. If you are ever in the area, it’s worth finding…”Viganotti Romeo”, Via Castagna 14R (cortile) Da Via Petrarca, tel: 010 251 4061.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Little Tidbits…

  1. sabina says:

    Oh darling, thank you! Whah an honour, a post about our nice stroll on my favourite blog :-). You will soon discover many other new places in Zena.
    Paradiso is just around the corner 🙂
    Hugs Leah, Sabina

  2. eloradaphne says:

    Good thing you didn’t mention how evil I was at NOT showing you where the shop is!

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