Computer 101 and a Wii bit happy

Well my computer woes are hardly over. I mean why would they be? It seems that it still wants to whine like a sick cow. So, after wasting more time searching on the Sony website I discovered that there is in fact a fan problem with similar models and that they are recalling and replacing these fans. But, of course, my particular model was not on the list! Well, I got new for these jokers because they are going to get a very unpleasant phone call from me and it’s not going to be pretty!

I really should have listened to EVERYONE ELSE and just bought a MAC! Anyways, lesson learned a bit too late I’m afraid and now I may have to ship this thing overseas to Canada in order for them to replace the blasted fan!

The only thing I can say is that I have in fact learned that in the end you do not really save any money by shopping around or buying International when it comes to certain items. I bought the computer in Canada figuring I was there often enough and also because I was able to converse with the sales guy and know exactly what I was buying. But now I am “pooched” (for those who don’t know this Canadian expression, it means I am “f*cked”).

But not all is lost on me because I have in fact come to terms with it all and instead of buying my new Nintendo Wii in another country, I opted to pay the much higher Italian price with hopes that if the damned thing breaks down I won’t have to jet off to another country to solve my problem. If they just built things properly in the first place I would be a much happier person…is that too much to ask for I wonder?


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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