Microchip me already!

Next step…renew my Passport. This should be fun. I have never renewed my Passport while abroad. I’ve got about ten pages downloaded from the Internet staring at me on my desk. I think I do more paper work since I moved to Italy than I ever have while actually having a real office job in Canada (Alan, as my former boss, if you are reading this ignore that last declaration-I worked very hard for you, insert innocent smile here).

I think this new chapter of paperwork may have to involve a day trip to Rome. In fact, I am kind of hoping that it does. I love a good train ride and new adventure. But honestly, with all these modern-day gizmos we have and all the terrorist crap going on in the world would someone just microchip me already and save me from all this paper nonsense!

I do think the idea is a bit fascist and yet, the way I see it, if I was micro chipped I would gain more than I would lose with all the time it takes to fill in forms and stand in some Government office day after frikin’ day.

Who’s with me?


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to Microchip me already!

  1. Sarah Fontó says:

    Me ! Me !

    Have a horrible feeling mine has expired and I didn’t even notice.

    Ekkk !!

    Don’t want to spend all day in Milan with millions of forms being waggled at me.

  2. I’m from the US and renewed my passport by mail (to the US Consulate in Naples) last year; it might have been the easiest bureaucratic thing I’ve done here aside from perhaps getting the codice fiscale. I hope it works out similarly for you 😀

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