Frogs & Princes

As the fairy tale goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince. Well admittedly, I’ve kissed a few frogs and probably several toads too. Love is not easy to find and if you are lucky to have found it, you will know that life is not exactly the fairy tale you had expected either. But that’s for another blog post…

The reason I bring all this kissing frogs stuff up is that somewhere along the way a toad passed on a lifetime gift to be remembered by in the way of a “cold sore”. Yep, you heard me. We’re presumably all adults here, and I hate to disappoint my parents, but there you have it, I get the occasional cold sore.

Usually once a year, this big ugly red blotch decides to make an appearance on my chin for about a week. Having recently had a cold and yes a fever, I am not surprised that this cold sore has decided to rear its ugly head just days before my birthday. Last year it decided to surprise me at Christmas. It seems to come out when I have either been travelling too much, have had a fever or got a sunburn.

The fun began this morning when I discovered its onset. I needed medication immediately otherwise it could take over my whole face. I searched my bathroom cabinet to no avail. Great, what’s the Italian word for “cold sore”? Of course I am not naive and I do in fact know that “cold sore” is really just a delicate American way of saying herpes, but I certainly didn’t expect that the online Italian translation would actually be “herpes”!

Great, so that eliminates an awkward phone call to Mama then…”Ciao Mama, it’s me, do we have any herpes medication in the house?” You can see my dilemma by now right? Oddly enough, Italians do seem to be much more open about these kinds of conversations, however I am not about to start getting that cozy with Mama on such topics.

With no choice, I made my way to the nearest Pharmacy, all the while praying for a better way to ask in Italian for a cream for the herpes on my face. Low and behold, it came to me! Blistex! Please tell me this is an International brand and that all I will need to do it say Blistex and point to my red chin! Halleluia there is a God!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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