Have you got a fever?

I’ve got a cold. A rotten, stinking, blow your nose and sneeze a hundred and one times COLD! How I long for those soft tissues with the lotion in them…but no way. I have only seen one brand, colour, and size of Kleenex tissue in a box here. Whatever happened to my grand selection of colourful boxes to match every room? You can ask any one of my family members, I AM the Queen of tissue!

Do you think if I cry loud enough my Canadian pals will feel sorry for me and send over a couple boxes of lotion tissues by courier? I can remember when you could only buy these things in the U.S. and my step-mom would stock up and give me some whenever I visited from Toronto. Bless her heart, she always gives the perfect gifts!

Anyways, I am at home, it’s Saturday night, 8:00 pm and I am snuggled up to my computer wearing my new pink as Pepto Bismol flannel pyjamas (a great X-mas gift from my brother & sister-in-law). I have whined to anyone who will listen that I have a cold and was properly scolded on the phone by my husband when I told him I had to go out earlier (someone had to buy food, and I promised a friend I would drive over to check her cats).

The most peculiar thing about having a cold in Italy is that EVERYONE here wants to know if you’ve got a fever. They have an obsession with “fevers” and apparently the H1N1. What difference does it make? I’m at home in bed drowning in home made chicken soup (yes, I made it! Mama’s not here) and lemon tea…I feel hot, but that’s probably from all the tea!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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