Mama and cockroaches

Sometimes I am not sure if Mama is my Nemesis (she really is like a cockroach-the woman is indestructible) or my Muse or perhaps she is both! Recently, Mama has been on a mini-vacation. I, of course have been skipping through the apartment (picture Tom Cruise in the film Risky Business), and enjoying the smoke-free environment.

But, I have to wonder if in some twisted way via Italian osmosis, I have become her! Living alone changes a person. Eating alone for example: I have always insisted, like some posh private school snob, that I must eat at the table and use a fork and knife. Last night however, I was so hungry that I ditched the formalities and ate my chicken and fries with my hands.

I’ve also almost burned the apartment down for the exact same reason Mama usually burns lunch…I was on the phone! And, not to be outdone by Mama, I somehow managed to run the kitchen water tap all night! I am in fear of this last one because I am not sure exactly how to explain next month’s water bill…ummm, I was filling balloons with water and launching them off the balcony for kicks (insert most innocent smile here).

Oh, and one more thing…a bit off topic, but Mama is now stuck with little old me for at least the next 5 years! A bit anti-climatic I suppose, especially after all my long posts on the subject, but I will be ordering the champagne none-the-less. Here it is…drum roll please!

Yesterday it was made official: I finally got my ‘PERMESSO DI SOGGIORNO”!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to Mama and cockroaches

  1. carrieitly says:

    Congrats on the PdiS!! Such a relief, isn’t it?

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