Gelato for breakfast!

For a few years now I have had a major problem with one tooth. I’ve had two root canals done on it and have spent literally thousands of dollars. I became used to chewing on the other side until yesterday, when I discovered to my horror, I have somehow managed to break my tooth on the other side!

So much for buying a Wii and getting into “shape”! I just need to break more teeth and I will no longer be able to chew solid food therefore over-eating will not be a problem. Of course I could fulfill my lifelong dream of eating Gelato for every meal too because now I have an excellent excuse : ) My meal planning would go something like this: strawberry gelato for breakfast, vanilla and bacio for lunch and chocolate with panna for dinner!

I have beautiful teeth according to my dentist, they just don’t seem to want to stay in my mouth. I’m a chronic grinder and actually have been wearing a mouth guard at night for years. (I know, how incredibly sexy! I knew my husband was the perfect match for me when the first time I stayed at his place overnight he got out an identical mouth card and said oh I hope you don’t mind but I am a grinder,haha, the Angels were singing our song).

Having just returned from the dentist again, he has patched me up and fingers crossed all will settle down again. If I was a single gal I think I would have to fall in love with my dentist. Not only is he good-looking and sweet he also didn’t charge me for the filling! What kind of dentist does that? He has met my husband and is equally charming to him, so I am pretty sure there is no angle there that I have missed in translation.

So, 10 points for Italian dentists! They are far cheaper than Canadian ones and this one makes an aching tooth go away with a simple smile. Lets see if I feel the same way about him tomorrow…


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