Calling all old dog owners…Pick up your POOP!

Okay, so I did it. I broke out of the house after three days of hibernation. It wasn’t pretty though. I didn’t bother to wash my hair, that’s what hats are for right? I didn’t exactly get the exercise I was looking for either – I took the car, but on the other hand, I had to park so far away from my friend’s apartment that I did stretch my legs a bit walking the three blocks back to her place.

I told my husband on the phone that I wasn’t sure if this lifestyle was in my best interest. I got home and ate an entire pizza myself! Not having him around has caused me to take on the appearance of a bag lady with hairy monkey legs. He thinks it’s a good thing to deter any competition while he is away but I am pretty sure he also expects that I will shave my legs when he gets home.

Now if I can just do something to change this crazy Genova weather I would be all set. Believe it or not, I would rather have snow. Rain is not my friend. It is damp and cold and screws up my hair. I always swore I would never live in a rainy place because it is the beginning of a long succession of bad hair days for me. I guess by now I have painted a pretty picture of myself with hairy legs, dirty clown hair and shit on my shoes…oh wait, I haven’t gotten to that part yet have I?

One thing the rain is good for in this city is to wash away all the dog shit on the sidewalks. Italians are great for not “scooping their poop”. It seems that Italians are also good at imposing new rules and regulations and they have an obsession with paper, seals and shiny stamps. But what they’re NOT good at is enforcing any of these laws (including fines for not scooping your dog poop). It seems to me that on paper they appear to be a very well-organized country, but in reality everybody just does what the hell they want.

So, if you’re ever in Genova and you see a crazy fat lady with bad hair and hairy legs yelling at old ladies to scoop their poop, stop and say hi, cuz it’ll probably be me : )

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1 Response to Calling all old dog owners…Pick up your POOP!

  1. Leigh says:

    In my experience Ortigia (Sicily) is by far the worst place I have encountered for dog bombs. There is an old Spanish (15th C?) fortification on the East side that is dedicated to pooch poops. I am surprised they can’t be seen from satellite! Cleanest: Livigno, or anywhere inside the Swiss borders.

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