Genoa the beautiful?

Genoa is not exactly the tourist attraction capital. In fact, when I first told my sister that I was dating an Italian from Genoa she asked me if that was the same place the salami in the supermarket was from. I don’t eat salami so I truly had no idea! Well, fast forward several years and not only does my family know Genoa on the Italian map they also know that in fact this is where they also make that mysterious salami too.

I am hoping that in the near future my family will come to this side of the pond and visit us. I know that if you are travelling across the Atlantic to Italy there are many sights to be seen, but in fact Genoa is not exactly up there on the scale of cities to visit.

I still remember my first glance of this seaport city. I was in a taxi high above the sea jetting at an unmentionable speed through tunnel after tunnel. I usually like to read in the car but it is impossible here for all the tunnels! I can honestly say that I was not overwhelmed with Genoa’s beauty. I had been to Rome, Palermo, Capri, Florence, Naples, and oh so many other Italian cities that Genoa, I’m afraid left me a bit disappointed.

At one point in history the city was one of the largest sea ports in all of Europe. It still is a major port but mostly you see container ships and ferries. We do get some cruise ships and I often wonder what they are highlighting as the “not to miss attraction” here.

This is a place that you need to dig deep to discover. The “Porto Antico” is worth a stroll as well as the “Historical Centre” and Via XX Settembre ending at the Piazza de Ferrari. Then there is also the house of Christopher Columbus FACT: (According to Wikipedia and the Genovese) Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa. There is also the world-famous Staglieno Cemetery but it’s a bit of a way out of the city centre. Today I strolled along the shops on Via XX Settembre and took a few photos. This Italian city has it’s own unique personality and like its people, it takes a while to unravel its mysteries and charms. But once you do, it is truly worth the effort!


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