Polizia encora!

I know what you’re thinking…and it’s all true! The Immigration cops came to my house again and I was not home! I should have known this would happen, yesterday I raced home just in case, passing up Christmas aperitivo’s with friends and this morning while I was putting on my boots the zipper broke. I’m going to Canada…boots are needed! Crap!

I guess they figured that because I was supposed to be leaving  tomorrow that I would be home packing and relaxing (I wish and now I need new boots). It was just my incredibly bad timing that I decided to go to the bank (5 minutes away) and they showed up! Not seconds after I parked the car Mama is calling my mobile, “Leah! Vieni a casa, la polizia aspetta te!”.

So, naturally I raced home (always a good idea to speed when the Police are waiting for you). I got home, with no money of course, and low and behold, they were gone! After sharing a few choice cuss words in English for Mama’s ears she managed to get out that they will return in 10 minutes. “Oh, okay. But is that 10 Italian minutes because the bank closes in an hour?”

Needless to say, I was pretty angry at these guys for being so unpredictable and yet I was dependent on them to “see me” so that my Permesso can get approved. I decided to tackle some more packing and put on some lipstick. It occurred to me that maybe they were just as tired of talking to Mama about my whereabouts as I was waiting for them.

They finally arrived after 30 minutes (that’s 10 Italian minutes of course). They asked me a few questions, I showed them my plane ticket and they flirted with me. Okay, so the lipstick was a good idea, can I have my Permesso now and live in peace?

The guys smiled and said my Permesso will be ready when I get back in January. YIPEEEEEEE! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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3 Responses to Polizia encora!

  1. Jessica says:

    Yay finally! My 2 police (one for the CDS and on for the residency change in verona) visits in Italy were pretty uneventful, since I am home all the time. But D was really worried about having the police come in Belgium since he is always working and I am not there yet, then the nice (english speaking!) comune lady was like, don’t worry you can schedule the visit, even if it’s late into the evening! and if you happen to not be home, they will just check to see if your name is on the intercom and that’s good enough. WHAT?! I heart this Belgium pace! Seriously, in your case you’d think after all those visits to your MILs house they’d put 2 and 2 together….Also, are you getting the carta di soggiorno or a regular PDS?

  2. Roxanne says:

    R u talking about the permesso di soggiorno??

    How long does it take to get the permesso di soggiorno?
    I applied for mine somewhere in September, 13th maybe, and today is the 8th of Jan.. Its been about 4 months..

    There is a site online in which u type ur receipt code and it will tell you if ur permesso is ready for pick up.. Mine keeps saying ‘being processed”

  3. rachel says:

    HA! That online site never worked for me Roxanne! I waited forever and finally had to get back to the questura and insist on talking to someone in person. They totally bypassed the whole online poste italiane system and did things the old traditional way. Then I got the permesso.

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