Where the heck are we?

I once made the assumption that my husband was good with directions and maps. You see, he is after all a navigational officer, so it isn’t such a stretch of the imagination to think that he would also be able to transfer those skills of 20+ years onto land…or would it?

I recently read a very funny blog post about a couple that got lost in Paris…or rather, they lost each other at the Louvre! Although I am sure the story wasn’t funny for them at the time, it’s good that they can at least look back at the experience and laugh about it. Their website is called www.1000fights.com. Intrigued, (Mike emailed me saying he liked my blog), I decided to check out who Mike was and what he was about. The blog title 1,000 fights didn’t make sense to me. At first I thought it was a typo and was supposed to be 1,000 flights because it was a travel blog, but then I read “Crème Brulee For One”.

Their story reminded me of the many times I have argued with my husband while on vacation. Notably, when we too were in Paris and wanted to take the river boat down the Seine. I spotted what looked like a “bus/boat stop” and said let’s go that way towards that dock, there is one coming now. But my husband insisted that it was not a “boat stop” and that we needed to cross the bridge to the other side to catch it…he saw a tourist sign! I was sure that I was correct but I indulged him anyways and we crossed over the bridge while watching the boat pick up all those people waiting on the dock. It never occurred to me that there would be two-way traffic on the river just like a road, but sure enough that is exactly how it is. Needless to say, there were several “boat stops” along the river on both sides just like if you were taking a local bus!

You would think that after 20+ years working on ships all over the world that my husband would be an expert packer and seasoned traveler…but that’s not the case either. He consistently forgets his Visa card at home when going to rent a car, leaves his wallet in his checked luggage only to have it delayed by the airline (he got a fine in Italy for driving his scooter without his permit that time) and we almost missed our connection to Helsinki because we both looked at the monitor incorrectly and were waiting at the wrong gate for our flight. I finally said something while he handed me a 6 Euro cup of coffee like “where the heck is everybody?” only then did I get out my boarding pass and look again at the gate number and realize that were not only at the wrong gate but at the wrong terminal!

The coffee was immediately tossed as we ran frantically through any door we could find to escape and literally sprinted through the airport to the next Terminal. As we stripped breathlessly through the security check we resembled a couple of line-backers, me holding our tickets yelling as my husband was trying to put his belt back on for fear of falling trousers. All I said was “Don’t worry honey, I’ll run ahead and hold the plane for you!” We made it but not without a proper scolding from the attendant.

So we too have had our share of adventures and misadventures. He has never lost me in a museum yet, but he has lost me in the grocery store once…(he called my mobile phone, haha)


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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