The “off the beaten path” of Genoa

I never said this blog was a travel advisory, but just the same, when you live somewhere you start to get familiar with the less than popular tourist spots. Whenever I worked on ships we were in the same port week after week and so of course after all the popular tours were taken it was time to explore the “off the beaten path” side of the city.

One of the oddest things I’ve ever heard of in Genoa is that sometimes you have to take an elevator by way of public transportation to get somewhere. You see, like many seaside cities in Italy, Genoa is built into the side of a mountain. Therefore, houses are built into the escalating hillside. There are plenty of stairs in this city that you can zig zag your way around, but let’s face it, these days who’s got time for that?

These public elevators operate just like a normal elevator in most cases and you stamp your bus ticket before entering just like you would when taking a bus or train. There are also some funiculars that take you up. Either way, when you get up there the views are spectacular.

This link shows you the various public transit options in Genoa with photos (although I don’t know anyone who bothers with the short Metro).

If you are feeling adventurous, and shopping on Via XX Septembre is not your thing, take the funicular up and check out the Creuse (narrow cobbled lanes) of Porta delle Chiappe. It’s a picturesque hike and relatively easy. But don’t confuse this with the seaside village of Punta Chiappa which is also a treat but further out of the city near Camogli and can only be accessed by boat or hiking.


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1 Response to The “off the beaten path” of Genoa

  1. sabina says:

    …forgot to tell you, I use this Funicolare to go home, I’m near Passo Porta Chiappe, but not so high! :-)!!

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