Questura Shuffle…

Anyone who has ever moved to another country knows that there are several bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Italy is no different except for the fact that they like to make things seem much more complicated than need be at times. In their defense, I suppose that the responsibility of letting someone into the European Union, without thoroughly checking them out, is a pretty grand affair.

I applied for my Permesso di soggiorno -PDS (Permission to stay) after we got married and I had the legal forms mailed to me from Canada. This took several months of photocopying, letters, emails and trips to the post office. We hit a snag when the Questura requested an additional declaration of my name. I acquired my first husband’s name 15 years ago and after the divorce never bothered to change it back. Had I owned a crystal ball and foretold my future I would have never changed it in the first place!

Anyways, fast-forward to our one year anniversary and still no PDS, we made another trip to the Questura to submit this final document only to be told that my original application cannot be found! Apparently my file is somewhere in the bowels of some musty closet and archived alphabetically under “who gives a flying  fart”. Fair enough, as we hardly rushed the documents on our end, so what’s the next step?

We re-submitted some photos and documents and had a lovely chat with a government employee. She informed us that at any time between now and eternity I suppose, someone from the Government offices would be “dropping by for tea” to check on the authenticity of our “union”. Low and behold, two days later the Italian Polizia are on our doorstep to say hello and welcome me to their beauuuuuutiful country and I wasn’t home!

Apparently they poked around, saw my framed family photos, my kitty slumbering on our bed and my messy closet jammed with clothes (thankfully, I cleaned up my room today). Luckily my husband was home to give them a tour and of course Mama was not far behind their trail asking a thousand questions about Lord knows what. They stayed maybe ten minutes and then reported that they may drop in again to see me at home or maybe not.

Soon, I have plans to spend Christmas vacation on the ship with my husband and of course do a side trip to Canada to see my family. If these Polizia dudes are planning on stopping by again for tea, I sure hope it will be sooner rather than later, otherwise we will be celebrating our second anniversary before I ever get this PDS!

Should I bake some cookies and put the kettle on???


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5 Responses to Questura Shuffle…

  1. Meagan says:

    HA!! Not to be a negative Nancy, but it took me 5 years to get my Soggiorno Permit, just in time for me to return it as I was moving back to the US. Every time I traveled anywhere I was consumed with fear that I would be detained in the airport since my Visa was expired and the Govt had told me I would have to carry the permit for entrance. Needless to say the poor drones at the customs window could give a crap less why I was coming and going.

    Glad to hear you’ll be traveling for the Holidays!! A full belly of holiday Turkey is a must not to mention being around extended family (I could make a TV show about my family get togethers *grin*)

    Best wishes for the Permit!!

    • 5 years! Oh Dio! What did you do about medical coverage???

    • Roxanne says:

      How long does it take to get the permesso di soggiorno (Italy)?
      I applied for mine somewhere in September, 13th maybe, and today is the 8th of Jan.. Its been about 4 months..

      There is a site online in which u type ur receipt code and it will tell you if ur permesso is ready for pick up.. Mine keeps saying ‘being processed”

      I am planning to travel to Paris next month and I already have everything booked since I thought I would have received it by now..

      Can I continue with my travel? Do they actually check documents?
      Im travelling from Milan to Paris by a budget flight so its not the international airports but local ones far fro both cities.

      Please help me!!

      • Hi Roxanne,

        I don’t think there is a set time frame for the Permesso di soggiorno to be processed. They take their sweet time for sure.
        My issue was different because I have 2 last names. They needed me to supply them with a legal document swearing that I was the same person to which then had to be notorized and translated into Italian. I went back to Canada last summer and got the document written up and stamped at the Italian Consulate in Canada and then when I returned and had it translated in Italy I submitted it. So it was partly me that held up the process.

        But in the meantime I travelled a lot throughout Europe and overseas and just kept re-entering as a visitor. I didn’t bother to show them my temporary pds when re-entering because it made things more complicated and caused them to ask more questions. HOWEVER, I will warn you that I could have just been lucky. I have a friend from the Ukraine who is married to an Italian, they got married in Genova, and when she went home for Christmas last year. She was denied re-entry to Italy because her PDS was still pending. Her husband had to fly to the Ukraine and bring her back a month later! I’ve heard that they watch certain countries more than others. But I decided after hearing about her problems that is was easier to just re-enter as a tourist.

        Hope this doesn’t scare you and is a bit helpful. This past year I travelled to Finland, Paris, Caribbean, Canada and the US and I went back and forth between Canada and the US at least 6 or 7 times in the last year. Each time I was very nervous about being held up in Customs but I was never questioned. The US official once asked me where I lived and I said Canada, he hesitated a bit because I was flying to Italy but technically I am still a resident of Canada right now so this was legit.

        Good Luck!
        btw, can you pls. email me the website to check your pds status? Mine should be ready but my name is not on the board yet, oh Dio!

  2. Meagan says:

    Well I had the letter of application with an official seal which allowed me to get my codice fiscale and so forth but I only needed coverage for emergencies. We were close to a US military facility that I was able to utilize. I called every 6 months about the actual permit and finally I found the right person to work with she said that it had been there waiting the entire time. OY! You know how customer service can be…

    Keep your head up and bug the hell out of them 😀

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