Mama knows best

Okay, so maybe you are thinking enough about the weather already, but I cannot resist! It seems that my gloating about sunny days and 15C temperatures have abruptly ended. So much for bragging I guess. I must have pissed off the weather Gods in Canada or something! Today it is barely 10C but the wind is so cold and strong that it feels like 0C. And, on top of that, it seems that although I was enthusiastically optimistic that this year was going to return to the milder, sunnier winters that I have become so fond of here, instead it has rapidly turned into a repeat of last years misery of cold rain (I honestly prefer snow) and thunder storms.

I have now officially gone through three umbrellas since I’ve moved here. First, I started off with a few cheap ones only to graduate to a more expensive model which also got swallowed up by the Genovese Vento! In short, no umbrella is safe in this very windy city!

Mama got the wardrobe right, but the day wrong. Yesterday it was brisk, but still manageable in terms of a light Fall jacket. Today, on the other hand, I decided to sneak out of the house before being accosted for another wardrobe check only to be caught without the right attire. I guess I shouldn’t have dodged Mama after all because by the time my day ended the weather had turned into a stormy night that I was, after all, ill equipped for.

Luckily, my husband took pity on me and met me at the bus stop with the car. So, the moral of the story is this:

Apparently, now matter what country you hail from, Mama still knows best!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Mama knows best

  1. jessica says:

    Haha, it’s so annoying how right they can be! Sounds like she’s feeling better?

    • lmarmstrong66 says:

      Yes, unfortunately she is feeling much better and back to driving me to an ulcer!

      Check out my new Blog: “help! I live with my Italian mother in law” Leah Marie

  2. Elora says:

    Noooooooooo!!!!! The horror!

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