Olive Picking 101

Last year we had so many olives there were not enough hours in the day to pick all of them. We were thrilled with the 1,000 pounds we did pick and still have enough olive oil to carry us through for another year. Although my husband is hardly ever home at Christmas, I think we would both agree that we much prefer having the Autumn months to share in the country and we quite enjoy picking up the olives together as a team. In the Spring we vigorously pruned as many trees as possible before he had to depart again for the ship.

To our joy, the trees that got the most pruning now have olives twice the size as last year. I was shocked and amazed! Unfortunately, the rest of the trees seem to be lagging behind a bit and although they bear some fruit, the strong winds have swept away most of them and we cannot justify 4 or 5 precious days to pick up what’s left on the trees.

I was really looking forward to the preparations and was already tuning up my vocal chords for my favorite rendition of “O Solo Mio” while sewing up yet more olive nets, honestly! But, the days just seem to be running away from us faster than we can count and it looks like the trees are going to get a bit of a rest this season and maybe some more trimming around the ears.


In the meantime, we are managing to get in some much needed gardening and drinking (notice the Chianti bottle is actually empty…hick!) to fill in the gaps.

Here’s hoping that next year we will have more time and more olives as I am sure that our supply will be at a desperate low by this time next year!

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to Olive Picking 101

  1. Elora says:

    Oh no, no olives this year…how sad 😦 you could still pick a few and pickle a few jars…maybe of the fat ones….

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