Class is in session

Seems like this year all my students are of the pint-sized variety. I don’t have much experience teaching kids but it looks like I am about to get some really fast! I now have 3 groups of kids under the age of 10 and believe me, I am thankful that Italian’s make excellent coffee because I think I am going to make the cafe across the street my second home. Nothing like a jolt of espresso just before playing Bingo and Simon Says for 2 hours straight!

Actually, kids are a really tough crowd. They may not challenge you on a Grammar question, or really notice much if I tell them I am only 21 years old (to them anyone older than them is old!). But they will make you run in circles, try every last nerve you have and cry if someone takes their eraser.

I’m especially not good with the crying ones. My mom was never much for crying and usually threatened to give me something to cry about if I didn’t stop.  What the heck did that mean anyways? Wasn’t what I was crying over significant enough? Yeah, great parenting skills, my mom was a real nut-cracker for a parent role model.

So, with any luck and a bag of candy, here’s hoping that this school year is going to be fun!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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