Italy in movies…

I have recently become fixated on the movie “Moonstruck”.

This movie is from 1987. I remember watching it and thinking it was cute but never really thought much else. But now that I live in Italy and have an Italian husband and family, I want to find a copy of this film and watch it  again. I have watched the youtube trailer and I cannot help but laugh.

First of all, for the record, my husband does not have a brother and I am not dating any one-armed bakers in the neighbourhood either. But my favourite scene is when Olympia Dukakis, who plays Cher’s (Loretta’s) mom in the film, asks Loretta if she loves Johnny. Loretta says “no” and the mom replies “good, cuz when you love ’em they drive you crazy”! I couldn’t agree more!

I must love my husband in spite of myself because for the record he “drives me crazy”. I suppose that it couldn’t get much more concrete than that and now in true Italian fashion we have the stationary to prove it. Apparently for our one year wedding anniversary Mama decided that we needed “cards” with our names emblazoned on them. It really is 1950 here and I am June Cleaver without the pearls.

Friends in North America quite often ask me if being in Italy really is like the movies. And in fact, from a North American point of view, I would have to say yes it really is! Here are a  few of the things that I have had to get used to over here:

1. I walk everywhere and usually uphill. I don’t really have to join the gym because I get plenty of exercise walking up numerous hills and staircases. Genova, is very hilly and parking anywhere is a nightmare and expensive. No drive thru banks or donut shops for me!

2. No one has a clothes dryer. I have to plan ahead what I want to wear and when. If the weather forecast is rain, well, the laundry will just have to wait. In Canada, I used to do laundry ONLY on rainy days!

3. Road signs are just a suggestion. No one drives within the lines and speed limits are merely a guideline. Italian’s put a whole new meaning to the phrase “road rage”. With one hand holding a cigarette, the other holding a mobile phone, whilst driving of course, they will always manage to make use of their hands in order to perform some lewd gesture to anyone that may have cut them off.

4. Being married is just a technicality. It seems that everyone either knows someone, is related to someone or is someone who is the mistress of someone or who has a mistress. Does that sentence make any sense?

5. No one waits for no one, but everyone keeps someone waiting. Italian time is not exactly Swiss. Being 20-30 minutes late is normal behavior and just expected. Do you remember the movie Under the Tuscan Sun? Diane Lane meets that hunky guy and tries to meet up with him and they keep missing each other and when she finally gets her act together a few weeks later and goes to see him he has moved on to some pretty brunette.

6. Food is everything. A great film called “Big Night”, where 2 Italian brothers are trying to keep their restaurant from closing. The ending to this film says it all but I won’t give anything away if you haven’t seen the movie yet. All I will say is that the ending both surprised and frustrated me which of course is the Italian way!

I am certainly not a movie critic and I am sure there will be some people that will disagree with what I have written here, but the fact still remains that this is my blog and just my view of life from my particular window seat. Enjoy!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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