The truth of the matter

Is it an Italian thing or is it just me? I will accept that there is a language barrier but this is a simple yes or no question!

Seems that Mama did in fact have a mild “ictus” which is a stroke. I thought it was odd that the hospital was keeping her longer if all seemed okay and that a stroke was crossed off the list. But now it seems that someone was not telling me the truth.

Mama now has a day pass and heads back to the hospital in the evenings. I thought this was a strange set-up, but what the heck do I know about the Italian hospital system. When I saw her she looked great. I asked her, so why are you going back in then? She said because she had a very mild ictus and that there is a good chance another one is coming. Oh! Okay! I didn’t know if I should be worried or pissed off that no one has confirmed this fact to me until now!

I suppose there could be a bit of denial going on or just a game of keep the English girl in the dark because everything is on a need to know basis…perhaps this is a learned behavior from some “Cosa Nostra” types (that’s Mafia in case you didn’t know), and quite frankly, if we are playing out an episode of “The Soprano’s”, then you guessed it, I don’t need to know and I don’t want to know! But, last time I checked, this messed up Italian family of mine has vehemently denied any “funny business with the Mafia” and have declared that this is only a problem with Italian’s from the South. “Oh, okay then! Thank God I didn’t fall in love with a Sicilian then…I feel soooo much better now!” NOT!

So, now that I am no longer the token mushroom (you know, keep you in the dark and feed you shit), I must insist on taking my newly enlightened self to the next step of this ordeal. For instance, what the heck am I to do if she has another episode? It seems to fall on deaf Italian ears at the moment that I happen to live in the same house as this woman and that although I cannot speak fluent Italian yet, I have the best chance of saving her sorry ass.

Thankfully, my husband returns home this week. I know he will be exhausted from 4.5 months of working everyday, but first order of business will be a strategy plan, written in English, for saving Mama. Next on the list is another fun filled trip to the Questura for my documenti…anyone wanna come, I can bring the snacks : )


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