Bees and Boars

Today was the perfect day for a road trip to the house in the country. Some much needed quiet time was is order and the fresh air was calling me. Although the Autumn leaves are starting to fall, today was 30 degrees and sunny.

This is how my journey to Portofino went:

The narrow road leading up to the house is a 2-way street, with a long drop to the sea. The problem is that the road is actually only wide enough for 1 car at a time, so this requires some crafty maneuvering when another car approaches head on. One of you has to back up around curved stone walls, on a steep hill with a manual transmission. To give you an example of how narrow this road is, we have to pull in both side mirrors on the car because otherwise you will for sure take one or both out.DSC00741

For the record, I have travelled this road plenty of times and have no doubt scraped the car on a few occasions too, but today was an entirely new experience of what now seems like an “I Love Lucy” episode. I was half way up the road on a curve when I was approached by another vehicle coming down the hill. I started to back the car up around this enormous stone wall and that’s when I nearly shit a baby! You will have to forgive my swearing, but I cannot think of any other delicate way of putting it. In my back window there was a bee the size of a golf ball!!! What do they feed the bees here in Italy that make them so friggin’ big!

Nowhere to stop and no “Ricky” to cry to for help, I held my breath and rolled down the hill. I had one eye on the bee, one on the stone wall and prayed for a third eye to keep me on the road. I finally got my clearing and gunned back up the hill and as soon as I was on even ground I flew out of the car, opened the back hatch and attacked my unwanted visitor with an umbrella. I am sure it was quite a sight to watch as passersby just stared at me in bewilderment. Perhaps they were just thinking I was some nutty American taking out my road rage with an umbrella!

With knees shaking, I finally arrived at the house only to discover that the wild boar DSC00238have snuck into the property this week and had a field day tearing up huge holes around all the orange trees! So much for a restful day in the country! I spent my day putting dirt back in its place, raking leaves, pulling weeds, watering plants and sweeping the terrace. I capped my day off with a nice chilled glass of wine and am now in much need of a hot bath.

At least tonight I will probably sleep like a log with all that fresh country air and excitement! God willing!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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