Mama’s trip to the hospital

First of all, before you get worried, rest assured that Mama is fine.

Here’s what happened:  Mama regularly loses her patience with me when we reach a point in conversation that is beyond my comprehension. I am equally frustrated but am so used to this by now that I just don’t let it stress me out too much any more. But on this particular night, language skills, or lack thereof, proved to be a matter of maybe life and death.

A few nights ago Mama kept saying something to me that I was not understanding. She said she was having trouble speaking and I pressed her to write it down but she just walked away while having a mini meltdown. I sensed something important was going on and this concerned me. I grabbed the dictionary and insisted she tell me what was troubling her. She pointed to her arm and once again said “paralizzare”. OH CRAP! I think she is trying to tell me she is paralyzed in her arm. This is bad, very, very bad.

I immediately called my sister in law and within minutes she was here. We got Mama a doctor and then a trip to the hospital after that. She is quite stubborn and it was quite a task to get her to agree to go. I prayed that she was not having a stroke.

The funny thing is, she insisted on packing a bag and was then stressing about which sandals to pack. I knew she was disoriented and couldn’t help but think who cares about the damned sandals!  She also packed the yellow pages phone book. The ambulance attendant asked why she had the phone book in her bag and we all just laughed at this bizarre scene. What’s even funnier is that when I left the hospital later that night I needed a taxi and didn’t know the number…but Mama had that handy phone book in her bag and within seconds a taxi was on its way!

The hospital have run several tests and continue to do so but the good news is that she has not had a stroke. She seems to be okay and perhaps it was just stress after all. We will know for sure after all her test results come back and she is discharged from the hospital. In the meantime, I now have the emergency numbers programmed into my mobile phone and also the number for the taxi : )

Here is a list of emergency numbers online for the Liguria Region:


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