No bus…no fuss!

Seems that once a month the Italian’s like to strike about something. If it’s not the train system then it’s the airlines and if not then the buses or taxis. Today, as per usual, the public bus system is on strike. I remember the first time I heard the word “sciopero”. It was early one morning and my mother in law kept saying “sciopero, scopero!” I remember thinking unless this means my hair is on fire why are you even talking to me before I’ve had my morning tea?

Turns out “sciopero” means “strike”. I know this word well and committed it to memory when I quickly learned that she was not going to stop following me around the apartment until I hauled the 12″ dictionary off the shelf and looked it up in English. You can imagine my reaction when I learned that this word did not mean that my hair was on fire. All it really meant was that I could probably go back to bed because I had no transportation to work that day.

I would also like to think that perhaps she was urgently trying to tell me this fact so that I would not juice up on caffeine if I was able to crawl back into my warm bed…perhaps she’s more clever than I give her credit for : )


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