Bar hopping in Genova, Italy

Leave it to me to find 3 Irish gals and 2 Italian’s to go bar hopping with! First of all, let me just say that I am a bit out of practice when it comes to bar hopping. I had some Irish friends in Grand Cayman and so I was already fully aware of what might be in store for the night…have you ever bellied up to a bar with an Irishman? They make drinking look like an Olympic sport!

Sure, you’re probably thinking with all the Vermentino wine I have drunk in the last week, I have already been through Spring Training, but I assure you I am no match for the Irish liver. Luckily I drove the car downtown and so had the excuse to pass up drink after drink because I had a responsibility. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop me from hopping from bar to bar with my new found friends while taking in the Italian bar scene in the cavernous cobbled streets of historical Genova. And what a sight it was.

I couldn’t possibly remember the names of the bars we went to or even how we got there exactly. These winding pedestrian only and occasional scooter passageways were a mix mesh of people scattered outside of tiny bar doorways. With no space inside most of the bar patrons just hung outside the entrance with their beers and smoked and chatted. With the uneven rocks that form these streetways it is amazing to me that these Italian women can weave in and out in stiletto heels nonetheless.

The last bar we visited was by far the most intriguing and reminded me of some of the off the wall bars you get in Toronto’s more obscure bar scene. We had to knock on a big steel door and show a special card to some transvestite decked out in pearls and a tiara. I was home! I love these kinds of bars because usually they play the best dance music. The bar was hardly bigger than my bedroom and they were playing 80’s music. It was kinda cool. But as the hour wore on (it was going on 3:00 am), the music got a bit dull and the crowd got a bit more drunk. The bar actually ran out of beer and as compensation the barman/woman, not exactly sure what it was, decided that as a consolation to pass out pretty little pink booklets with condoms inside. I was going to just give it away to some kid outside when my Irish friends advised me not to because this would be considered by the Italian’s to be an offer of sex! Thank God they stopped me because this would have been a bit embarrassing. Aside from the old streets, once inside I can’t say for sure that it was not that much unlike the grungier bars in Toronto, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Nassau or Belize really.

It seems to me that you can travel half way across the world and still dance to “Tainted Love”.


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2 Responses to Bar hopping in Genova, Italy

  1. Elora says:

    well well well, replaced by the bar hoppin’ Irish…I always suspected i was too tame for you….

    • lmarmstrong66 says:

      Haha, well I don’t think you are tame…you also have a hidden wild side, we just have to get you out more often that’s all : )

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