Mama…Where do I start?

I would like to be able to say that it feels good to be back on Italian soil but aside from the great wine, I am hard pressed to see the upside right now. I have been back for 36 hours and yes, I suppose I am going through what every other Expat goes through, which is home envy and why the heck did I decide to live here?

It has been raining (welcome to Genova!) since I got here and I’m afraid if this is a repeat of last year it will not stop until May 30th! Can I deal with another endless season of umbrella toting and Mama? I keep thinking that perhaps this is what it would have been like had I moved to Vancouver years ago when I first thought it would be cool to live somewhere other than Ontario…with the rain that is, not Mama.

The latest saga of Mama is that now I have finally located all of my personal possessions but I have yet to check out my external hard drive…today was brutal enough, I will wait for a brand new day for something new to piss me off…why lump it all into 1 day when you can spread the joy over many?

Her newest rant to me is that I should now confine the cat to my room so that she won’t cry in the morning for fresh meat? Huh? Is it my fault that every morning since I left you have been feeding her raw beef (against my wishes), and now she cries for it at 7 a.m.??? I cannot even imagine what life would be like if we had real children! If I go away will she feed them candy every day and then when I get back I have to put up with their whining while I wean them from their sugar addiction? You know, good cop, bad cop.

I don’t get it! Yes, before you think I am some ungrateful crank, I really do appreciate that she has been here to give love and food to my beloved cat. But why is it that now I am back I have to pay the price for her meat pushing antics? It’s like she is a drug dealer passing on her prey to me and telling me that now I have to pay the price to support the habit that I never encouraged. Is this fair?

For the record, if we had kids they would be travelling with me…no way would I trust to leave them with my raw meat pushing mother in law! Lord knows what reverse engineering would be required after 2 months in her presence!

Anyways, I am back at work, and I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to speak Italian yet. If I could speak the language I could do so much more with my brain! I know that I am out of touch a bit with technology being away from Canada 8 years, but quite frankly I am sure I could catch up fast enough and help these Italian’s jump into the 21st century already…


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1 Response to Mama…Where do I start?

  1. Elora says:

    Take a deep breath and RELAX! Hun, after you’ve been here a few years you will learn to either take it as it is, or give yourself an ulcer. Choose option A from the beginning, trust me šŸ™‚

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