Man overboard update

So here is what I have learned later today on the crew shuttle to the mall…the guy was fighting with his wife over a digital camera up on Lido deck and then he jumped! (alcohol may have been involved because I cannot imagine someone doing such a thing if sober. Why jump when you could just solve the issue by tossing the camera overboard instead!)

He was picked up by the Disney ship that was parallel to us and also involved in the search. A helicopter arrived on the scene but he was found just minutes before they arrived. He was in the water for approximately 2 hours. A guest must have called it into the news minutes after he jumped because it was on the local 11:30 news station. Too bad technology like this cannot screen out the morons who think jumping overboard is a good problem solving technique.

 I hope they charge this guy for all the problems he has caused! My husband finally got to bed at 1 pm today and now he is already awake again (4 pm) and in uniform for the boat drill…I don’t think we will be going out dancing tonight.

 So the moral of the story is that “If Funship Freddy doesn’t float your boat, just swim over to Mickey Mouse and see if maybe he has some extra cheese on board for you : )

Ohhhh, I need some sleep!

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