Groundhog Day

Have you ever seen that movie where the actor repeats the same day over and over again? That’s my life right now only I am first in the wash and then the spin cycle. First there is Immigration, then Boat Drill, a Cocktail Party, Dinner at the Captain’s table, Nassau and then Florida again.

I decided to break up the pattern a bit today and actually ventured into the gym. Until now I have only been walking on the running track outside because the air conditioning is so cold inside that I just cannot get motivated enough to do anything else but go outside to warm up.

I momentarily wondered why I decided to extend my stay here only because I am itching a bit to get back to reality. But my common sense has also told me that there is no need to rush into any rash decisions either.

If the next 10 days are anything like the rest of my summer, then time will surely fly by at rapid speed. Only when I am back to running for the bus, fighting traffic or cursing the never ending rain in Genoa will I transport my mind back to this time of frivolity and freedom.

I suppose in some ways I would like my life to have more meaning and purpose. Being childless leaves one to wonder a bit what else to do with one’s life to give it some significant meaning. I am not sure if it is my ego that needs to be fulfilled or my soul. Or maybe it’s both.

Anyways, I am sure that the Universe will work its natural course in due time and in the meantime I will enjoy the ride.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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4 Responses to Groundhog Day

  1. Lilly says:

    Hi there. I came across your blog by searching an expat forum. Anyway, love what you said. I am childless too and 38 so understand your point, However, like you said very wisely “the Universe will work its natural course in due time and in the meantime I will enjoy the ride”. There is a lot in life to enjoy and serving is always possible wheather we have biological children, or adopted or simply work with other children in the area where we live, there is much opportunity always. That’s my view of the future. Anyway, just wanted to say hi ans support you.
    BTW am Italian and grew up by Torino, ugly weather there–so I understand. Have lived in the Western US for many years and LOVE IT…it stills makes me laugh that many American love Italy just as much I love the US, well specific part of it more, and I totally dislike Italy for name a few….the bureacracy, inefficiency, corruption of the gov’t and more, weather of the ‘Pianura Padana” 😦 and so on….

    • lmarmstrong66 says:

      Hi Lilly!
      Thanks for your support! It somehow makes things a bit easier when another person can feel connected by what I write.

  2. Lilly says:

    Ops sorry you are Canadian not American. Well, you got a gorgeous country too. Only been to Vancouver B.C. once but already loved it, also very very interesting in Lake Louise and all the National Parks areas there..Banff and Jasper. What a masterpiece.

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