Hot, hot, hot!

No offense, but today I am sweating right down to my Calvin Klien underwear! Droves of pasty white tourists zigzag the streets in search of a cold beer, a refreshing beach or a duty free deal in one of the local air conditioned shops. Main street is screaming with designer labels like Versace and Gucci begging to be sold to the masses. This morning I paid $7.50 for an iced tea and scone in Starbucks! The Internet was free, but was it really after what I paid for that scone and tea???

Later, I took the local bus for $1.25. It was quite an adventure and quite honestly a lot more pleasurable than hopping in a taxi. I was not in a pressing hurry which was a good thing because I got a slight tour of Nassau along the way (not a bad deal for a buck-twenty-five).

I have always loved taking local transit in new places because you truly get a feel for the culture that way. Nassau is a huge contrast of rich and poor. Taking the bus, you are no doubt amongst the poor. The drivers often blast religious radio stations preaching the glory of Jesus and how we will all be saved if we follow him.

Today I was on a mission for my husband. His one request:  Fresh Conch! And I knew just where to go to get it too. If you ever find yourself in Nassau and want to experience all that it has to offer, I strongly recommend hopping (I know I use the expression hopping a lot, I must have been a rabbit in a former life) on the #1 bus from the main street and exit at the second bridge that takes you over to Paradise Island. Under the bridge you will find an assortment of colourful shacks selling their catch of the day. I was even able to buy some red hot chilies and get cooking instructions from the vendor.

My wandering didn’t stop there either. I also trekked back up to the Sheraton Hotel in Cable Beach and I have to say that this is a lovely resort. The beach is spectacular and the service, even though I was not a guest there, was fantastic. I have spent money in their shops,  lunched there and have frequented their cafe and dining room. In the evening they have a great lobby bar with a live band too.

I have realized that after moving around so much in these last 2 months, that I needed to spend the first week on board the ship and just give my body and mind a much needed break. Now that my time is nearing an end I have just hit my stride!

Even though I miss Italy, my friend Elora, my cat Stelle, and well maybe even mama just a bit, I want to stay on the ship longer. I just looked at the calendar for the first time since I got here and realized that I am due to leave in 5 days! Where does the time go? With any luck I can extend my stay here and hang out with my hubby a bit longer. I think I’ve got a good argument for my case since they delayed my visit on board by over a week and now have also extended my husband’s contract until the end of September…what do you think?


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  1. Elora says:

    I concure (How the heck do you spell that anyway?)!

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