The art of eating maple syrup

Geppetto, oops, I mean, the Captain, has his wife on board from Italy. Yesterday I gave her a small bottle of Canadian maple syrup. I told her it was really good on pancakes, french toast, waffles, and even ice cream. But she put it on toast and then remarked how it ran down her arm and made it all sticky!

I had to laugh! I guess it never occurred to me that someone might think that the consistency of maple syrup would be assumed to be similar to honey only because it is sweet.

I guess it would be the equivalent to an American doing shots of wine? I can hear the Italian’s protesting now, “no, no, you puttalotta pasta ona youra forka and thena taka bigga gulpa reda wine-a to washa it downa”.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to The art of eating maple syrup

  1. Stellina says:

    oh how i miss maple syrup… although we still make pancakes from scratch and put fruit preserves on it..almost as good. and rootbeer i miss.. I’ve been in italy near Paestum for almost 3 years.. Stumbled upon your nice site! I was reading about the italian mother in law thing.. been there.. actually STILL there!! lol.. enjoy your summer! Stellina

    • lmarmstrong66 says:

      Hi Stellina!
      Are you Canadian? Do you also have a blog? I don’t know where Paestum is, are you North? Close to Genova at all?
      I had to smile because my cat’s name is Stelle and my husband calls her affectionately Stellina : )

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