Six pounds of Maple Fudge

I’m at the airport again…I know, shocking isn’t it?
If I am not on a train, a boat, or in a car, I must be flying somewhere right? I do in fact recall years ago wishing that I had a more exciting life and wanting to travel…at the time my passport had only been used once. I have since learned to be careful what I wish for!

I recently acquired a second suitcase to bring back some more of my personal belongings. After stuffing everything I came with into my original suitcase I was somewhat perplexed that I had accumulated so much crap in the last 6 weeks (an extra 50 pounds to be exact) my poor dad had to indulge me for over an hour while I weighed and re-weighed my suitcases and then succumbed to the inevitable of leaving my things behind once again.

The question is how did I manage to add all this weight to my load? This morning out of sheer desperation and frustration and sweat, I sadly parted with my tiger coat, collection of CD’s and a silk Turkish rug and yet I still have an extra suitcase the size of a baby elephant! Could it be the 8 bottles of maple syrup, 6 pounds of maple fudge and a new pair of jeans? I know what you’re thinking…I needed to buy the jeans because I ate so many burgers and maple donuts my old ones didn’t fit anymore! I’ll never tell : )

I would like to tag on a personal thank you at the end of this blog. Thank you to my family, especially my dad and Yvonne for putting up with me. I know I am like a hurricane and yet you still love and support me. I have enjoyed my stay in Canada and as usual it went by too fast. Even with the added week tacked on, the frantic pace of seeing everyone and having some quality visits never seems to be enough…at least not for me, maybe on your side you are happy the hurricane has finally left for another year. Love to all, Leah


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Six pounds of Maple Fudge

  1. Elora says:

    no! You had to leave the tiger coat behind!! I was sooo looking forward to making fun of you all winter…the sadness of it all!

  2. Hi. I’m here from “Italytutto”. Love the title of your blog and your humour!

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