Gypsy Queen

I’m on a train now, the sky is an angry gun metal grey and it looks like night, but it’s not. The summer season has been non-existent here in Ontario, Canada. It has been cold and rainy for most of my vacation here. To be honest, it makes me laugh because I just spent a very wet winter in Italy and if I didn’t know better I would say it was following me!

I think I should change my blog name to “the traveling wet gypsy” or “my tribal name is Raincloud”. I thought that after I got married I would settle down a bit, but obviously now I realize who was I trying to kid? I’m an Aquarius, the symbol of a water bearer, which means that I bring water to whoever needs it. I guess that’s where all this rain comes into play.

Actually, I do come by my wanderlust honestly. For most people, my living out of a suitcase and sleeping on the couch way of life is inconceivable. I’ll admit it does get tiring after a while, but only until the next planned or unplanned adventure. I’ve moved around a lot and it became part of who I am today. I discovered at an early age that making new friends and learning about a new place can be exciting and fun.

I recently posted on Facebook that if “home is where the heart is and you have no home, does that make you heartless?” “My friend Mike responded with “just mortgage less” and my friend Suzie aptly responded with “home is where you hang your hat”. I liked this one because I own a lot of hats!

I will admit that after seeing all my friend’s posted photos of a gorgeous summer in Italy I am a bit jealous. I am starting to miss mama’s cooking, her crazy antics and my super cat Stelle. It will be interesting to see if mama hands over the cat when I get back. I think she secretly loves the little furball more than she is willing to admit.


About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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