Without a country

I’ve now eaten the maple dip, the maple swirl and Canadian maple donuts at Tim Horton’s and I can honestly say that my life is now complete! It’s time to move on. The only problem is where to move on to? You see, I am somewhat stuck between countries right now.

As it stands, I am still in the process of being processed by the Italian authorities and yet I have already declared on my last Canadian tax statement that I no longer live in Canada. So, where the heck do I live then??? When I lived on board ships for 6 years this was often the case too. I would get asked for my address and hmmm and haw about the answer. Do I tell the truth or do I just give them a family members address and hope that they are not slammed with junk mail in my name!

As a society we are always trying to fit people in neat little boxes. Married, single, homeowner, renter, you get the idea…so every time I go through Immigration I break into a sweat trying to figure out the best possible answer without being pulled aside like some drug smuggling loser.

Recently, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was turned down for a job in England because she had worked on ships for so many years she was now considered a security risk!

I had to laugh because clearly these people don’t know anything about what it’s like to live or work on board ships. We get patted down by security every time we leave our “house” and run through Immigration checks monthly, our cabins can be and are randomly inspected and we are also tested for drugs on a regular basis. Add this to the bi-annual medicals and boat drills and we are probably the most secure people in the travel industry! Just goes to show you that people are more afraid of what they don’t know than of what they know.

I’ve been waiting for a week to go see my husband on the ship. I have changed my flight twice, lost deposits on hotels and paid penalties to change my ticket. I realized when I married a sailor that I would have a part-time husband but I had no idea that I would get bumped off the guest list because the cruise line could sell another discounted ticket! What’s the point of having family benefits if the company can have the right to turn you down at the pier and leave you standing alone with nothing but a prayer that you can get on board for the next voyage before you are due back home? If I were in prison right now (let’s face it one more trip to the Italian Consulate and my odds will increase greatly) I think we would have better odds for conjugal visits.


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