Hurry up and wait

I will first apologize to my readers for being quite slack with the blogs lately. Seems being on vacation can take a lot of ones time! I will also apologize for the lack of apostrophes in this blog…you see I bought a new computer and it has a French-Canadian keyboard and I have not quite figured it out yet!
I am still in Canada, have extended my time here for another week because of unforeseen circumstances. You see, when you get to cruise for almost free to see your loved ones, there are always these invisible strings attached. As they say, nothing is ever really free is it.

It seems that the ship is overbooked and family of crew sit on the bottom of the totem pole in regards to priority. It is peak season also. So, my husband called to say that there was a good chance I would have to spend a few days in Orlando alone in a hotel. I opted to change my flight, paid through the wazoo of course but now have the pleasure of being in Canada one more week.
Guess I will just have to squeeze in a few more bbqs and maple fudge : )


About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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