Retro is back!

You know you’re getting old when you decide to clean out the crawl space and sell all your unused crap at a yard sale. Recently, I literally crawled into my brother’s attic and pulled out 8 boxes that have been in storage since the year 2000.

First…the mobile phone:
It was like opening up a time capsule! My first mobile phone was the size of a brick and if the battery ran out or I couldn’t get a signal to call for help, then I could always use it to knock out my attacker by hitting them over the head with it! Puts a whole new spin on multi-functional features when selecting a model. I could just see the TV advertisements with some little old lady franticallyleah 20001 dialling 911 on her brick phone and then giving up and clubbing the purse snatcher over the head and knocking them out cold!

Secondly, the hair:
I’ve also come across old photos of me with long red hair. Who was that woman from my past? I will confess, at this point, that yes, I am more of a natural red head than natural blond…anyone surprised?

Third, the yard sale:
I only made $40 (25 Euro), for getting up at 7:00 a.m. and hanging out in my friend’s driveway for 5 hours selling most of my cherished possessions to those greedy cheap bastards that go to yard sales to buy other peoples crap. It’s a sad exercise in futility and as I know, Italian’s would shudder at the mere thought of selling ones personal goods on the street. But in Canada, this is a standard practice…although I am pressed to know exactly why. My only defence is that it would have cost me a small fortune to ship these things to Italy and most of it was super fragile and would doubtfully survive the journey intact.

The Retro finds!
This leaves me to wrap things up with the super finale of this blog post…my Tiger Coat and black cat suit! Yes baby, I am Retro cool! Call me crazy, but I just couldn’t part with these 2 items for 50 cents a piece. I even bought a second suitcase to bring them back to Italy. Lord knows, I will probably never wear the catsuit (I will be lucky if I can still squeeze into it now), but my good friend Michelle loves funky clothes, is half my size and I know for a fact would appreciate this little gem come time for Halloween. As for the Tiger coat…well, funny enough, animal prints seem to be all the rage in Milan right now so who knows, maybe I just went from being a forty-something married chick in Canada to an ultra-cool forty-something fashion icon in Italy! All I have to do is stitch a D&G label on the inside and I’m all set : )


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to Retro is back!

  1. Elora says:

    can’t wait to see that tiger coat, you’ll fit right in with the fur clad old ladies of Genoa…ahem!

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