Lesson learned

Every region has something they are known for and the Genovese people are notorious for being cheap. It’s sort of a joke with other Italian’s to tease their Northern countrymen about this. I cannot say that I have noticed all that much to be honest. All the people I’ve met from Genova, including and especially my husband and his family are incredibly generous. In fact, my husband often teases me about my ‘stinginess’ when I complain about something being overpriced or spend hours upon hours on the Internet searching for the ‘best flights and hotels’.

This brings me to my next point. When we went to Paris over Easter I found us a great deal, direct flights and a brand new hotel to stay in! I was quite impressed with myself for finding such a fantastic deal of 5 nights in Montparnasse at a Novotel and 2 direct Air France tickets for under $1400 US. But…

My frugality doesn’t always pay off. I recently booked myself in a no-name airport hotel in Jacksonville, Florida. The rating on Expedia was good and they had a free shuttle to the airport (see, my husband was right, I am stingy, haha). I just needed a clean bed to sleep in before my early morning flight. What I did however ignore was the importance of personal safety. I am a woman travelling alone. Sometimes, I forget this fact.

Here is a little tidbit of information for my female readers…I was in the lobby and noticed that the receptionist turned down a guest because he was a resident of Jacksonville. Thinking that this was very peculiar I asked her why she refused him a room. She stated that it was the hotel’s policy. Of course I pushed for more information and this is when she enlightened me. It seems that the hotels were having problems with locals renting out rooms and then dealing drugs or soliciting sex.

My room was clean, but I was on the ground floor facing a parking lot. I looked out my window, which was bolted shut and could not be opened, and noticed that there was a large cut in the screen which was no doubt done with a sharp object such as a knife. I paid $56 for this room and it was in a nice area close to the airport. In fact I stayed in another hotel across the street only the week before.

My point is this: I didn’t sleep a wink all night! I reassured my husband when he called that I was fine, but deep down I was regretting my frugal nature. If I had paid another $20 or $30 for the room I am pretty sure that I would have felt a lot safer and had a decent night’s sleep.

So, the next hotel I book you can be sure that it will be nothing less than a 5 star rating because sometimes being stingy is not necessarily being smart.

Not to slam the hotel at all because it was in fact clean and the staff were great, but I will be sure to write my experience on Expedia’s website so that no woman travelling alone makes the same mistake.


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