Packing again and crew blues…

Here we go again…I am off the ship soon and will be heading for Canada next. My suitcase is sprawled out on the floor taking up precious real estate in our tiny cabin.

It’s a “sea day” today, which means no ports to stop at, just sea all around us. When you are a crew member you never actually know the day of the week anymore. You just distinguish them by where the ships goes…you have “Embarkation day”, “Sea day”, “Key West day” etc. It’s a completely different world out here if you are crew.

Last night I ventured into the “crew bar”. No longer a crew member myself, I still miss the closeness of hanging out on the crew deck with fellow crewmembers. As we sailed away from Nassau, Bahamas, I enjoyed a glass of port wine and sang with some Filipino guys that were playing acoustic guitar. As the bright orange full moon passed me by I was once again thankful for each blessed day of my life!

Once we were safely out of the harbour I called my husband to assure him that I hadn’t fallen overboard and then happily returned to our cabin and went to bed.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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